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All the time in the world

Time, it is the one thing that is running out. We never seem to have it when we need it the most. At any moment, no one is this world understood the importance of that fact more than Eshaan. He tends to get late, most of the time. By no fault of his, mind you. For him time just flew by, he always managed to find that all-important video to watch on youtube, or that one forum to comb through or movie to ‘research’. Poor guy, there wasn’t enough time for him to do everything.

Today was no different. He was late, as usual. It was not a good day to be late. You could see the urgency in Eshaan’s movement. As he hopped across the room and trying to put on his pants. He had tried his best not to get late, he really did. But alas fates did not favour him. If only he had just not open that video link from Akshay, the one with the cat doing something cute he would be on time.

Why was today so important? Well, Eshaan had a date. A date he promised he wouldn’t be late. He managed to send a text to Aura. Hoping that would buy him time.

“Sorry, might be late. Will b dere in 5 min. Horrible traffic.”

Aura, knew as she read the message. He was lying and he was not going to be here in 5 minutes. She was left alone, again. They probably miss their reservation. He had promised, he will be on time. She decided to wait for five minutes he had asked for and then she would leave.

After about five minutes, Eshaan was a no show. She hailed a cab. Just as she was about to get in, she felt somebody tapped on her back. She turned around. It was him, Eshaan. Her eyes lit up. “You are on time!” she exclaimed. “How?” “I wanted to give you a surprise”. Eshaan replied as he gave her a hug. She felt that his jacket was wet. “Why is your jacket wet?” She asked.

“It was raining”. Eshaan replied. Aura looked at the street, it was dry. Before she could interject his response the waiter from the restaurant invited them to be seated.

Some seconds later a cab screeched to a halt at the restaurant entrance. Eshaan with a worried look gets out of the cab. He tosses the money at the driver, to expertise the process. With his phone glued to his ear, he began scanning the crowd for Aura. Today he was very late and very very dead. “Not today, not today” he was muttering to himself as he kept trying to call her. The phone was not available. “Are you looking for a girl? ” the doorman asks Eshaan. “Yes” Eshaan replies. “she would be wearing a red jacket, her favourite colour. Has long jet black hair, usually, she ties it up. And blue eyes.” The doorman paused, trying to make sense of the information he got. He replied, “Yes, I think I saw her leaving …” Before he could finish his sentence, Eshaan left. He knew she left. His tardiness may have cost him another relationship. He decided to walk home. The sky cracked and it began to drizzle. “What timing,” Eshaan muttered as walked into an ally for shelter.

“Psst.. hey you.” Somebody whispered. Eshaan looked and saw a man. He was wearing a suit. He looked misplaced. “Me?” Eshaan asked.

“Yes, you dummy.” The man replied. “Would you like a time machine.” “Already have one ” Eshaan replies pointing to his watch. The man didn’t look amused. “This is the real deal, son. See.” He handed him a clock with dials around it. “All you have to do is set the time and spin the dial once around.”

Eshaan examined the device. It looks well crafted. “How much …” the man was gone. Eshaan looked at the device in his hand. He wondered, what if it was really a time machine. He could test that theory. So he set the time and spun the dial. A second letter the device lit up. It was so bright that Eshaan had to shut his eyes. When he opened them it had stopped raining. He still was in the same ally. He checked his watched. It was five fifty. He was to meet Aura in 10 minutes. It took Eshaan a minute to realise he had just travelled back in time and now he had a chance to make everything right.

He rushed to the restaurant. As he reached he began looking for Aura. This time he found her. She was going to get in a cab. He walked up behind her and gently tapped her on her shoulders to get her attention.